Cardiac CT (Low Dose)

A cardiac CT, or CT Coronary Angiogram, is a specialised CT scan required to provide cross sectional and 3D images of the beating heart. An injection of contrast media is required.

When you book your appointment, let us know if any of these apply to you:

  • Pregnant
  • Diabetic
  • Kidney problems
  • Any allergies

Preparing for a Cardiac CT

Specific preparation and duration of your appointment will be discussed with you at time of booking.

The costs

Bulk billing is only offered for rebateable scans from a specialist. Most scans are non Medicare rebateable and will have an out of pocket cost.

Although some studies or patients do not qualify for bulk billing, like workers compensation, third party, pre-employment or they do not have a Medicare card. Our friendly and professional staff will discuss this when you make your appointment.

The results

Please discuss with the Imaging centre site regarding when your results and images will be available. Urgent test results will be available as soon as possible. Typically these results are forwarded electronically to your referring doctor.

Source & further information

For more detailed information please access CT Coronary Angiography from InsideRadiology